32 Weeks

32 Weeks

32 weeks! Lord willing only 8 more ish to go :)

How am I feeling?

Not bad! About the same as before. I’ve been having a lot of trouble not eating everything in sight lately haha. And I often find myself going out of my way to pick up chocolate/candy. I think this has been contributing to my acid reflux, which has flared up lately and has also been causing me to feel nauseous. Some nights actually remind me of nausea in the first tri. Bleh.

But! I continue to be really excited about Baby Yee. She continues to be really active and often makes her presence known by moving my shirt/entire belly and especially loves wiggling around at night when I’m about to sleep. I’ve been noticing hiccups more frequently too!! So ridiculously cute (again, as mentioned in my last weekly update, I know I’m delusional)!

Other Updates

Kenny had his “Gab Talk” today where he spoke to an auditorium of students at lunch about “the power of me.” I’m so proud of my husband and that he took the opportunity to share about Jesus and how there’s no point in “the power of me” if we use our lives/talents to live for ourselves. The most fulfilling identity we can have is the one God wants for us: an identity where we use “the power of me” on loving those around us unconditionally.

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13

So proud of my husband!

Also, our dear Roots youth group threw us our first baby shower last Friday night!! It was a surprise… for Kenny. Hahaha. But really it was still a shock when we walked in the room to a mass of PINK! We played several games, but I must say it was most fun trying to match the kids with their baby pictures. So sweet to see them as babies.

On that note, it’s been such a blessing to serve our youth kids. It’s been so long since I’ve served in this type of capacity and as much as it’s sometimes hard to get motivated after work on a Friday, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how enjoyable youth group is (though yes, there are occasions where I have an off night). So thankful that God lets us partner with Him in ministry!

What is God saying?

Hrm… good question. Honestly, it’s been tough doing devo’s and spending time with Him lately. We’ve been reading Revelation 13 for BSF this week and it’s been a struggle. Yes the content is hard, and yes my tendency is to lose fervor and be lazy, but I’m wondering too if part of it is spiritual opposition?

There’s definitely an element of Satan not wanting us to be in the Word/read/spend time with God ESPECIALLY when it comes to things like Revelation 13. We truly are in a spiritual battle, and Satan’s desire is first of course for no one to believe in Jesus, but for those of us who do, his second desire is for us to be ineffective and sidelined… which unfortunately probably describes the majority of us the majority of the time.

Do we realize that we’re in a spiritual battle? Do we understand that everything we do, everything that happens has a spiritual implication as Pastor Jason would always say? Are we engaged in the battle or are we sitting on the sidelines, not aware of the battle or worse not even caring?

Food for thought as we hurdle toward the end of this age…