Took some personal time today to just… BE. To do what I love! For fun! For the sole purpose of enjoying life! I’ve only a few mediocre pictures to show, but it feels AMAZING!

Context? Finally done with the Debut shoot. Editing and everything.

Definitely a more proficient editor now (finished the above in under a minute!), but the most significant lesson learned, well it’s more of a resolution, a resolution to NEVER do this for money ever. again. EVER! Haha. So it’s pretty fantastic to realize 99% of my photos from today are blurry and have it totally not matter!!

Anyway. Been pressed for time and I confess a little stressed lately, so it was nice to hit pause for Sunday morning worship, a wee bit o’ photographie!, and Sunday evening Christmas service.

Hope you also had a blessed Sunday! Take time to do the things you love! To enjoy the passions God has placed specifically in YOU!

Now… back to work. *Whip crack!


Watching (these are old but I like to keep up to date!): You Again (reminded me a bit too much of my crappy middle school social experiences to enjoy =p), Little Miss Sunshine (FINALLY. LOVED IT.), Gandhi (very educational, but also very lengthy…)

Final narcissistic public service announcement: I finished my second pad of mini Post-Its at work this past week!!!!! I must say I feel quite accomplished (as if the number of Post-Its used is indicative of work-related success… but whatevs I was really happy). Yay!

Sweepstakes. IN EVERYTHING. Overall band. Music. GE. EVERYTHINGGG!


I’m so proud!

One of the kids as I was leaving: Hey thanks for all the stuff you help us with and tell us. That’s how we won first today!

Mm. I definitely know that’s not even close to true, but I admit it’s nice to hear that I’m appreciated every once in a while. Andd it helps me see that despite all the little remarks about me being such a band nerd and other such things, I’m certainly not ready to give it up. Hehe.

And finally, once again (for like the millionth time…), I think I want to be a teacher. Hahaha. I like kids more than adults anyway. =p


Watching: Community (With my brother who FINALLY visited home!!)

Christ is LORD.

All For You

All For You

35mm or 50mm prime?? I be thinkin 50, but it’s kind of annoying if you just want to take a normal picture or something.

Blurry. But seriously. Prime lenses=SO MONEY! (Hehe.)

Sigh. I dunno.

It is customary to shell out a chunk of cash for a splurge purchase from your first full-time paycheck… right??


We’ll see. I’m just making excuses now haha.

Anyway, much work to do this weekend!

Trying to keep the main thing the main thing. Even if it’s just going through devices, at least for this point in time, this is the job God has given me to do for HIM. Hard to see how that connects, but at least things are a little bit easier knowing that I can be the best Content Production Associate I can be… FOR HIM. For His Kingdom. For His glory. And because THIS is the job He has for me right now.


Well then. TOTALLY unproductive night. Haha.

Going to sleep now!


Watching: Despicable Me (DUDE. I thought this was HILAAARIOUS!! I just HAD to stop and watch the whole thing. I LOVE the part where the minions are in aerobics class at the beginning. Haha!)


* * * * *


Four new tires=not this month. =p