“Maturity includes having a healthy awareness of who you are, actually enjoying who you are, and taking responsibility for your own actions and feelings.

Recovery is facing and embracing your dysfunction. Getting in touch with your pain is the beginning of redeeming your pain. This is one aspect of being rooted and grounded. We’re not called to live in the wound, but to live in the promise where the wound was formerly attached. Depth of pain accessed will correlate to the depth of truth established.”

Mike Rizzo (on two personal keys to healthy relationships, Longing for Eden, 101)


Mature Christians aren’t those who are good at playing church, but those who are good at recognizing their complete and utter need for God.

That’s where the devotion comes from. The long prayers, the in-depth searching of the Bible. And that is also how humility, of the deepest nature, can exist at the same time.

We’re so good at deluding ourselves into thinking we’ve even the tiniest bit of maturity. By playing church well, doing lots of things, showing up to every event, praying the loudest, always having something to say, we put on the face of maturity.

So let us take off our masks before God, before each other, and before ourselves. Let us acknowledge our struggles and our heart’s cries. And maybe in doing so, we’ll actually begin to realize what it really looks like to live this Christian life.

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