Lamaze Class 1

Instructor: Coaches, pretend your partner is in labor. We’re going to practice saying nice and encouraging things. Ready, set, go!

Kenny: I like the side of your head.

You bet when she asked us to share something nice our coaches said with the group, that’s what I shared.

Oh my dear husband… here’s to hoping I still laugh and don’t smack him instead during actual labor. ;)


MarrYEEd Life

At married couples group we were trying to recall funny stories about our spouses. One of the wives said she likes to keep a list of funny moments in their marriage to look back on.

As pretty much everyone knows, Kenny says and does ridiculous things all the time (meaning it’s going to be a LONNNG list lol). This is my first attempt at documenting.

Context: K was frying spring rolls and splashed some oil on his eyelid. As he showed me the burn, I attempted to console him.

M: You can use my $30 eye cream.

K: $30 eye cream!? Will that work on my million dollar face!???

Oh the bliss of married life…