Six Months to Threenager-hood

Six Months to Threenager-hood

**I take mushrooms and onions off the edge of Eva’s tray. (She hates mushrooms and onions and removed them from her plate.)**

Eva: Ask first.

Me: (pause) What?

Eva: Ask first.

Me: You mean you wanted me to ask before I took the mushrooms and onions off your tray?

Eva: Yes.

Me: Okay, but I assumed you didn’t want them because you put them on the edge of your tray and you never eat mushrooms or onions. I’d say that was a pretty good assumption.

Eva: Is that my fault?

**Another pause while I glance at Kenny. Kenny raises eyebrows and looks down at plate.**

Me: Did you say, “Is that my fault?”

Eva: Is that my fault? Is that Mommy’s fault?

Me: I guess you’re right… it’s not your fault. Next time I’ll respect you and ask first.

Eva: Okay.

First off, where does she learn this stuff!?

Second, it’s cute and hilarious now. I’m sure it won’t be 13 years from now…

Lord, help us!!


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