Happy 4 Months, Miss Eva!

Happy 4 Months, Miss Eva!

It’s been 4 months with Miss Eva and I can’t believe it’s been that long, but at the same time it feels much much longer (in the best way possible!). I am sooooo in love with our little girl and can’t imagine life without her!! Sure, we would be better rested, have more free time, and far better mobility, but the trading those things to have her in our lives is so incredibly worth it!

Cute story: last night I was telling one of the newer youth group girls how to become a child of God per our 1 John 3 Bible Study (pretty serious convo) and I ask her, “do you want to receive Jesus tonight?” Cue a long pause as I can see her internally wrestling and debating. I take a quick glance down to a sleeping (or so I thought Eva). And BAM. Staring back at me are the two big beady eyes accompanied by the biggest sweetest toothless baby smile I’ve ever seen and I can’t help but crack up wondering how long she’s been staring at me for. Just one of those precious baby moments that I want to hold onto and treasure forever as I’m realizing now that as everyone says, “they grow up too fast.”

(Side note: Youth group girl decided not to accept Jesus last night, but said she is almost there! Will be praying!!!)

So… the past month. Wow it’s flown by! I’m back at work now 2 days a week through the end of July. It’s been nice easing in and hasn’t been torture quite yet. (Though I think it will be when/if I go full-time. Trying to find someone to job share with by August 1…)

Baby girl has grown sooo much this past month and not just in size! We’re now ushering in the rolling stage (also known as the “oh my gosh how many times do I have to wake up in the middle of the night just to turn you onto your back and you’re just doing this on purpose to see me aren’t you” stage), grabbing stage (hello permanent ponytail!), and the babies are so worth it aren’t they stage (not that she wasn’t worth it before… I just think the timing is perfect– right when you start getting really tired they start doing tremendously cute things like smiling/laughing/gabbing all the time so you can never really be upset at them or at least not for very long).

Eva at 4 months:

  • Rolling, rolling, rolling. Loves rolling on her side especially right before sleeping, which is actually a SIDS no-no, but after a couple nights of flipping her on her back and her waking up, I kind of gave up and figured she has her pacifier which is supposed to decrease SIDS… so hopefully they cancel out. The one good thing is home girl is able to easily pop up her head and shoulders now, which makes me feel more at ease. Also loves rolling onto her tummy in her crib even though she eventually hates it and cries. The thing is I’ve seen her roll tummy to back too so I think she just knows we’ll come in and flip her, but she also has quite a temper and her crying escalates into hysteria so I haven’t tried letting her cry it out long than 3-4 minutes. I sit there watching the clock, hearing her cries get crazier and crazier. Then I figure it’s probably better just to jump in there, flip her, pop the pacifier in, and make a quick exit so at least she can calm herself down. Sigh… sleep training! We shall see… maybe when I feel she can roll tummy to back as easily as she can do the opposite I’ll start letting her cry it out more.
  • Excellent at tummy time now! Woohoo! Finally! Will be on her tummy for long periods of time. Loves rolling and scooting around (can only slowly scoot while turning). I think we’re going to have an early crawler on our hands…
  • Grabbing. Loves to grab my hair, her own clothes, my clothes. Hasn’t been to grabby with other things… yet. Was trying really hard to grab the table cloth then my plate the other day though. Can hold her toys, but won’t consistently grab for them and can’t hold them up.

ANDDD…. that’s as far as I got haha. Eva is 5 month today so I’ll be starting a new post… whoops! Back dating it to when I think I wrote this…



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