3 Months… & then some.

3 Months… & then some.

I’m getting worse and worse at these. And this is my first kid too!

Got back from Hawaii this past Thursday, just in time for this 106 degree heat wave!

So I’m trying to think back and remember what Eva’s 3 month updates are/were. And it’s again hard to figure out what was in her 3rd month vs. her now 4th month. So I figure I’ll just blog about her where she is now at 3 months and 9 days :) Guessing this won’t be the last time I have a late blog post!

Miss Eva at 3 months, 9 days:

  • I thought she talked a lot last month?! She talks EVEN MORE now. Sometime during Hawaii she really found her voice (maybe with so many doting adults around it helped!) and when she’s in a good mood she loves to babble and make excited noises.
  • Many new sounds including “ooo ooo ooo” which I truly believe she learned in Hawaii from birds  that sound exactly the same. I woke up maybe the second morning we were in Hawaii to her making that sound with the birds at 5am! My silly little birdie!
  • Miss Smiley. Loves flashing her award-winning (okay not really… the only award she’s won for it is from me haha) smile at lots of people. I think she has to be a little bit familiar with the person first.
  • Started laughing!!! The first time she laughed, I wasn’t even sure if it was a laugh. Then I did the same thing and she laughed again. Over the month her laughing was very sparse (laughed for Nana, then Daddy, then Auntie Deb), but in Hawaii she started laughing a lot more. Finally laughed there for Papa and Uncle Nick. Then by the end of the trip was laughing a lot more easily and for many different people (including Great-Kungie and Great-Popo)!
  • Sooooo good when we go out or when people are over! My mom says it’s like she knows she needs to behave. She will barely fuss even if she’s really tired or uncomfortable. I hope it’s helping that we take her to places with lots of people (church, youth group).
  • Red Egg Party thrown by Grandma and Grandpa! Miss Eva was DECKED OUT and looked like a little gypsy with all her bling haha. It was a loooong day,  but again she was such a good baby and let lots of different people hold her.
  • Her cousins are warming up to her and it melts my heart! Dylan and Tyler were scared/indifferent/weird around her for a while, but both started warming up. At the Red Egg party, Dylan kept getting closer and closer to Eva and eventually put his foot against her foot for a comparison haha. And yesterday Tyler did the same. Started under the bed where she was sleeping, then next to her, then pretty soon was petting her hair and telling me he remembered the “signing” video she and Uncle made for his bday :) Melts. my. heart. !!!
  • First trip to Hawaii! SUCH a good baby. Slept most of the way there and back. Only real fussy moment was the trip home. She work up and cried for a bit in the middle then settled down.
  • Met all the great-grandparents. Celebrated Great-Kungie’s 90th birthday! Great-Popo kept saying how they were going to miss her. Smiles and laughs for Kungie and Popo! Met Great-Grannie who said “she’s small!” And before we left Miss Eva was talking to her too <3
  • Continues to be extremely active! Loves loves loves moving arms and legs. Loves “dancing.” When she’s excited she’ll start pumping her legs excitedly.
  • So technically this really was in month 4, but first baby play date with Kaydence and Teresa!!!! Soooo funny. We put all 3 little babes on the floor together. Miss Eva kept flailing her arms and legs. Kaydence was soooo chill (sole survivor– she stayed the longest on the ground without whining). And Teresa (the youngest) definitely seems a bit more like Eva– active, looking around, curious round eyes. Kenny kept trying to get the babies to turn toward him so the other two girls would look and Eva would look the other direction haha. Already used to ignoring her Daddy!
  • I consciously noted that Eva is a lot more fussy this month and uses her complaining cry a lot more haha. She’s probably just more aware now of what she likes and doesn’t like. She’s also learned to scream much louder and cry more hysterically. Usually when she’s over tired.
  • Still extremely curious. LOOOVES looking around. Fights her naps and nursing too sometimes because she wants to look around.
  • Figure out how to roll a bit! Tummy to back (never has to do tummy time again haha), back to side. Likes rolling onto her sides to sleep. I’m always nudging her back to her back because of all the SIDS advice.
  • Much more attached to her paci “Sophie” now. I think we definitely used it a lot in Hawaii because there were more circumstance when it was helpful and she needed to calm down. And it’s just so easy. We’ll see how easy it is to wean her when the time comes…
  • Sleeping 4-7 hours the first stretch of the night! Was taking long, luxurious naps on vaca (up to 4 hours!!). So far that skill hasn’t transferred back home haha. Poor girl’s schedule was all thrown off though from all the travel. And just as she was adjusting to Hawaii (slept SEVEN hours the last night there!!!!), we flew her back and she’s all off again.
  • Not spending as much time in carriers now, though a carrier ride will put her right to sleep. I think it’s just getting too hot to wear them so I haven’t been using them much anymore haha.
  • Discovered she’s super easy to take to restaurants right now! Will knock right out or at least settle down really easily with the help of her paci. Kenny and I decided to start going out more now! Hurrah!!
  • Favorite position is up on the shoulder so she can easily look around. Often knocks into my head though.
  • Another great development this month is that at certain times she loves being down on her back! Yayyy! No more carrying her 24/7! Take that, everyone who said I was spoiling her!! Mwahahaha.
  • Discovered her hands and is always staring at them, chewing on them, playing with them. The funniest is when she’ll be looking at something, then her hand will enter her line of vision and steal all her attention. She’s also started looking at her feet too.
  • Starting to grab things a lot more most often my hair, my shirt, her clothes, and her giraffe.
  • Trying to start sleep training and getting her on more of a schedule. It’s hard. Kenny and I are totally not rules people, so half the battle is getting us on a schedule/committed to bed time/etc. It’s also hard when we take her out at nights to various meetings or hang outs. Gotta trust though that the Lord will take care of her even if for instance she stays out late at Youth Group on a Friday night.
  • First birthday party! Hung out with Baby Fukao for his one year. Rocked her Dodger’s onesie from Auntie Pet.


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