This is the secret that we have to have in our hearts when we reach out to people. We must love them as if they are worthy, even when they are the opposite when we meet them.

When Jesus was on the earth in His ministry preaching, He treated everyone around Himself as if they were worthy of the Father building mansions in heaven for. These were unbelieving crowds of people but He gave them full entitlement because He was calling them past where they were at. He was calling them to be the full, real version that they were created to be and promising them the greatness that comes along with that.

We are called to do the same, to see humanity around us as if it can be redeemed into the full picture of redemption: to be in fullness for God.

Pray for someone close to you who doesn’t know Jesus yet. Pray and get a picture of what they would look like in fullness as though they won the race as a sold-out Christian… Don’t let yourself see their weakness or sin for these moments of prayer but celebrate who they are supposed to be in Christ. Now, think about how this can reshape the way you treat them. Is anything different?

-Shawn Bolz for The Call’s 100 Days of Revival for 100 Years of Promise Devotional


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