Hello, 3rd Tri!! And Weeks 26-27 Update

Hello, 3rd Tri!! And Weeks 26-27 Update

So I missed weeks 26 & 27. Whoops. It’s been a busy couple weeks with Christmas and work!

But what does this mean???!?

It means, hello 3rd tri!! Woohoo!!! Hopefully I’ll post a week 28 update before we hit week 29, but just wanted to take the time to celebrate and praise God that 2 trimesters are down and there’s only one to go!!

Funny thing is both Kenny and I had dreams about our baby being born last night (must’ve been the hospital birth tour). We can’t wait to meet you, BabYEE!! Lord willing, just around 3 months to go!!

Anyway a few tidbits about weeks 26 & 27 since there won’t be full updates:

1) Took BabYEE to see Star Wars 7 and Hunger Games Part 2. I think we’re in trouble and have been raising her in too peaceful an environment because oh my goodness she was going CRAY during both movies. When we were watching Hunger Games that is the most I have ever felt her kick. Kenny actually felt bad for her and asked if we should leave because he had his hand on my stomach and she was losing it haha.

2) Had a crazy busy couple weeks and definitely living up our last Christmas with just us two!

Just so we can look back next year and see how much we could do when we were kid-less, here’s a list from the past two weeks (and on top of this, add on a super busy couple weeks at work): lunch with Emma, Korean with Dad, Youth Group PJ Party, baking with HS girls the next afternoon, Yee/Lau family dinner, Seeds service & lunch with Dad & in-laws, first Yee Christmas tree, watched Star Wars 4-6, DOH Family Reunion, Zankou’s with Michelle & George, 4 cavities (KENNY!), Hastings Ranch lights with Deb, Knott’s on Christmas Eve, Yee family dinner + Christmas Eve service with Lauren & Jonathan, Star Wars/Golden State game with Kathy & Aaron, Yee family dinner in Irvine, coffee/revival talk with Eunice, AACF Christmas party, Hunger Games Part 2, Lemonade with Erwin, and lastly the Kaiser birth tour.

Yes, it’s been crazy, but it’s been a lot of fun. And praise God though I’ve felt on the cusp of getting a cold, He’s kept me healthy this whole time!

3) Still having trouble sleeping. Kristie told me that on top of the normal things (having to pee, leg cramps, squirming baby), it’s the hormones too that can wake you up at times. I’ve been trying to redeem the time though by going pee (so I don’t have to wake up later!) and by thanking the Lord for more time to spend with Him in the quiet (relative quiet that is… as Mr. Yee is usually snoring!) and praying until I fall back asleep.

4) Lastly, I’m so excited for Baby Yee!!! I know things are going to change and yes at times be very difficult, but I am so excited for her official arrival in the world. I was also HIGHLY encouraged by my time with Eunice, who told me that passion for the Lord does not/WILL NOT stop here. She prayed that with Baby Yee’s birth, we’ll have even more passion for the Lord and vision for our family. That with her birth, God would breathe new fervor for Him, and even more newness of life. Running hard for the Lord DOES NOT STOP HERE. Yes it may look different, but the arrival of a baby and call to motherhood is not mutually exclusive with devotion to the Lord. Motherhood will further my calling, not negate it. And again, I know in my idealism there will at times be disappointment and frustration, but I look forward to the Lord meeting me there and showing me how to live for the Kingdom WITH, not in spite of, our baby and how to lead her too, by His grace, into everlasting life.

Pictures from the last two weeks!

First Yee Christmas tree!
Picture from DOH Family Reunion. Yes, I look gross and tired, but hey, not bad for working a 12 hour day and being 26 weeks pregnant!
Not a very good picture, but lights with Deb and Kenny.
I shall call this one “look what the cat dragged in.” Bahahaha. My dear, Kenneth Michael Yee. <3
Beautiful day at Knott’s thanks to my fam! Kenny was reminded of how lucky he is as I devoured a turkey leg earlier in the day, but since this is my blog, only embarrassing pictures of Kenny allowed.
AACF Christmas party!

I will end with a funny story.

How do I know I’m pregnant (in addition to all the many other signs and symptoms)?

I just spilled granola chex mix all over myself and instead of just going to the trash can and dusting it off, I attempted to eat the spilled pieces off of my shirt/stomach/jeans. Again, isn’t Kenneth Yee so lucky!? Hahaha.

Happy End of 2015!!!!


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