Week 23 + The Greatest Thing You Could Do Today

Week 23 + The Greatest Thing You Could Do Today

Oh man the weeks are flying by! This is the last day of week 23!!

How do I feel?

Great! Haha. I’ve been feeling fantastic and finally getting that second-tri second wind that everyone talks about. ZERO nausea anymore PTL! I seriously didn’t think it would happen when it was partway into the second-tri and I was still feeling it.

Babyee continues to kick fairly heartily too so that’s been a lot of fun. I was very worried though on Monday as I barely felt her move the whole day. Usually she kicks a lot when we watch “The Voice,” but she wouldn’t even kick for her favorite country crooner, Zach:


(No joke there was one week when she kicked A TON the whole time this guy was performing. Seriously, baby!? Seriously!? Already giving your poor old Mom and Pop trouble in the boy department.)

Usually I’m fairly calm, but I was getting super worried as time went on, but she gave me a few kicks late in the night. It’s so hard for me to not worry, but gotta keep giving it up and trusting that God has her and her best interest in His hands. He loves her infinitely more than I do and I can trust Him with her life.

Other fun stuff from this week: I finally went maternity clothes shopping this past Sunday! Woohoo!! Poor Nicole had to sit for hours as I tried on the entire Motherhood Maternity store. I think I showed a good amount of restraint considering they were still having their Black Friday sale. Must say, maternity jeans are GREAT. I could live in these things lol.

What is God saying?

I HIGHLY recommend this article by Francis Chan: The Greatest Thing You Could Do Today. I’m looking for a good quote, but seriously want to post the whole thing here!

We often spend a lot of time and effort gathering believers together. We’ve become experts at gathering Christians around great bands, speakers, and events…

The word community is thrown around quite a bit in Christian circles today. But our gatherings can be toxic if we do not spend time alone with God. I’ve been in many groups where people share their insights. The problem is not only that our insights are not as profound as we think they are, but that we’re so eager to share thoughts originating in our own minds…

I want to know the thoughts of God. I want to gather with people who have been reading God’s Words, people who have prayed and interacted with Him. I want to fellowship with those who fellowship with God.

These thoughts impressed on me my dire need to be in God’s Word and in His presence daily.

How can I even hope to be an effective Christian if I’m not constantly bringing myself before Him?

I want to make sure I’m not that person just giving impressions or my own thoughts as I talk to others. I want to make sure the things I say are submitted and aligned with God’s Word and that I’m open to His constant correction of any wayward thoughts/beliefs (which I surely do and will have on this side of heaven!).

I’m reminded of 1 Timothy 4:16:

“Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.”

Watch your doctrine. This is Paul’s exhortation to Timothy. And how can we watch our doctrine? By making sure we’re staying in the life-changing study of God’s Word.

Last night at BSF, Duhee also spoke about the Bible being a sword that will pierce our hearts and lead us to repentance and correction. He said either the Word will pierce our heart and correct us, or we will pierce the Word and cut out of it the parts we don’t want to apply to ourselves. “The Holy Word will become the hole-y Word.”

So will I pierce the Word or will I let the Word pierce me?

It is SO easy for me to think I’m right all the time and not be open to the correction of others and of God’s Word. It’s easy for me to be prideful and think my thoughts and ways are best and fail to have a humble attitude.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.”

Isaiah 55:8

I want to be careful with my thoughts and my doctrine, and keep an attitude of humility that God’s ways really may not be my ways even though I might think they are. I want to stay in the Word to make sure my doctrine is continuing to grow more and more in line with what the Word truly means and says.

I think this all came to mind even more as I got in an argument with my bff Monday night (hello, Deb! haha). I was getting so emotional and stubborn, unwilling to listen and upset. But as I took a step back, I had to ask God to show me where my thinking might actually be wrong and be open to correction, even if some of what I was saying still did feel correct.

And I think thankfully God was in the conflict and hopefully He is using our extreme differences to influence one another and make us look more like Christ.

Sometimes long friendships feel a lot like marriage haha. Over time conflicts surely will arise, but if we bear with one another and stick it out, God will use our friendships to spur us on toward holiness and looking more like His Son, Jesus.

I can’t remember who said it (Pastor Kyle I think?), but the speaker said we are all like rocks with jagged edges and as we stay in relationship with each other and get into conflicts, our jagged edges grate against each other, but over time are eventually smoothed out more and more. What a pertinent picture of what it looks like to be perfected by one another!

So that’s what’s on my mind lately and again, I highly highly recommend reading the Francis Chan post!

And as a last note, I love you, Deb! Haha. Thanks for bearing with me and being a good friend. Praying that God would help us continue to love each other even in our differences and use those differences to make us more like Him. Yay! :)


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