Week 20!

Week 20!

Last day of week 20! We are halfway there!!!

This past Saturday was our mini gender reveal with the fam. Baby Yee is… a girl!!!! (Insert picture which I don’t currently have here.)

A few moments of hilarity:

Grandma Yee (right after we cut open the cake): IT’S PURPLE!!
Everyone else: Purple? What does purple mean? Both? One of each?

Dylan (disappointed): I thought the baby was in the cake…

Hahaha I love it!

Baby Yee, we are SO excited for you! We can’t wait to meet you soon!!!

How do I feel?

Excited! We’ve now been telling people pretty indiscriminately so it’s been a lot of fun. Also I’ve been starting to show this past week and there were two people we’ve told who said they were wondering but didn’t want to be rude and ask (whaaat!? do I look that big already!?!?).

Nauseous. Still feeling it in the afternoons! It’s been stronger the past week or so. Not sure why, but I am eating a ton more lately so maybe that’s part of it? One of the moms at church said as soon as the baby comes out though you start feeling normal again though. Looking forward to it!

Cranky. So this could definitely be just me, but I’ve continued to be pretty irritable and short with people when normally I’d try really hard to be polite and keep my cool. It comes out mostly at work and especially when unexpectedly interrupted (i.e. every time the front door rings and I have to make the trek down 3 flights of stairs and people get impatient and ring the door bell again while I’m trying to wrap up whatever I was doing/gather pertinent info for them/etc.). Lord, help me!

Emotional. So all these symptoms aren’t really new and have persisted throughout pregnancy. I continue to be really emotional about things. For instance, my co-worker told me he was babysitting his baby niece this past weekend and totally falling in love with her and I kid you not IT BROUGHT TEARS TO MY EYES. I don’t know why but I was just so touched thinking about him bonding with this little baby that I was tearing up. So random hahaha.

Grateful. Amidst all the symptoms good and not so good, God’s been reminding me to be grateful. Every time our little baby kicks it makes me so excited and reminds me that she is REAL and she’s on the way and I just can’t believe we’re actually having a baby!!!!

What’s God saying?

I’m going to make this another blog post as it’s been weighing so heavily on my heart as of late and made this blog super long haha.


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