Week 19

Week 19

Almost halfway there! Can’t wait!!

Had a fun weekend! For some reason I feel like recapping just so I can remember what life was like pre-baby haha.

Friday night was Roots Operation Christmas Child activity. It’s a lot of fun seeing the kids in a different element and seeing how much they cared about the cards included in the boxes.

Saturday, we spent the daytime with my fam, then headed to Irvine for some trick-or-treating with the nephews. The Irvine neighborhood we went to was CRAZY—I’ve never seen LINES for candy and so many decked out houses. Also loved spending time with Ty and Dylan. They were pumped and so wild, but Dylan got tired toward the end and kept asking if someone could carry him haha. Poor little guy!

Dylan was so sweet at the very end of the night when he snuck back down after bath time and asked why we don’t just live in the same house as them haha. He asked, “Why do you not want to stay with us!?” So so sweet. I also love how he calls me Melissa even though Kenny is Uncle Kenny.


Can’t wait until our baby joins these two next year (though we did note that Halloween’s on a Monday so we’re not sure if a trek down to Irvine with a baby in tow on a weeknight will be possible… sadness!!). It’s also fun to think about how Tyler and Dylan will be our baby’s older cousins, the ones he/she looks up to and idolizes. It’ll be fun to see how they are with the baby.

Also had a good Sunday—it was nice to be back at Seeds after missing the past two weekends and the hubs played his second set on electric.

Followed it up with an advisor’s meeting. Such fun things ahead for Roots and seriously we are beyond blessed to have so many advisors per kids. Right now it’s a 2 to 1 ratio which might seem like overkill, but has worked out really well as it allows for very intimate small groups.

For some reason I’ve been dying to make sushi lately, so for the first time since I was a kid I got in touch with my Japanese roots and went to town making… California rolls (yeah, not very Japanese haha). Not bad though next time I’ll use less brown rice, maybe 1/3 brown and 2/3 white. Also overdid it on the mayo.

Glad I could pawn some off on my bro and Deb.

Finally, ended up the night with an unexpected Sundate. My sweet hubs humored me by taking me to Panda Express (one of my frequent pregnancy cravings) and Rita’s after. I originally didn’t get custard on my dessert (what was I thinking!??) so after trying his and being sad and knowing that I’m too shy/had too much shame to go back and ask the girl for ice cream, he took my cup back to ask hehe. Such a sweet husband I have!


So this is what life pre-baby looks like. On Sunday night I reminded Kenny that a spontaneous Sundate was something we definitely would not be able to pull off once the baby’s here.

Excited for baby, but also thankful for this last season we have of just the two of us!

How do I feel?

Not as bad as last week, but still more tired than weeks prior, though not nearly as tired as first tri! I think tired will be the theme for the next 5 years or so! Also my stomach’s been acting up the past few days, but then again it’s probably all the terrible candy. On that note, Ms. Almaz took the candy bowl away from the communal food are in front of my desk (she said “this is evil” and took it elsewhere haha).

I also feel like nesting is starting to set in as I’ve been super into organizing, cleaning, and being productive lately. I hope this is a permanent thing as our house is 100x nicer to live in when it’s clean and tidy! Yesterday Kenny admitted too that it’s a nice change. So I’ve always preferred being clean and tidy, I’m just usually too lazy to pull it off, but the productive thing is a totally new experience haha.

What is God saying?

I’m continuing to dwell on holiness a lot and how if we are at all serious about Jesus, we will absolutely be serious about holiness. Still feeling like this will be a whole separate post soon to come!

So what is God saying about our baby or regarding our baby? I feel like I use this section to talk about what I’m learning in general, but not much is usually directly pertaining to the baby yet.

I think lately as we’ve been discussing names and taking Ms. A’s urging to give the baby a prophetic name seriously, I’ve been thinking about the baby’s future and how we want to set him/her apart for the Lord.

One of my co-worker’s husbands is Korean and in his family every firstborn male is set apart for the Lord to be in some type of full-time ministry. I thought that was interesting and that it would never fly in America where we’re super independent and don’t want anyone telling us what to do with our future, but in the Korean Christian culture of his family, it is totally acceptable, and yes, he actually is a pastor.

So though I won’t go so far as to say our baby for sure is set apart for full-time ministry, I want us to absolutely raise this baby as set apart and consecrated for the Lord. I want to encourage this baby to live with Jesus in mind and when it comes to things like career and school, I want our kid to understand the bigger picture: that there’s a world that needs saving and the most important and fulfilling thing in this life is living sold out for the Lord.

I would rather our kid be poor, unaccomplished in the world’s eyes, and yet full of Jesus than successful, accomplished, wealthy, secure, but far from the Lord.


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