First Kicks for Dad!

First Kicks for Dad!

I can’t remember if I documented this, but the baby has been kicking more and more! At every ultrasound we have, we’ve been told we have a very active little one. We’ve seen rolls, flips, waves, kicks, and a half-Tebow pose with the baby’s knee and elbow touching.

Last night as Kenny and I were watching “The Voice,” the baby started kicking so I grabbed his hand, and for the first time he legitly felt the baby kick (we thought he MIGHT have felt it before this past weekend, but weren’t sure because when he thought he felt a kick I didn’t feel one, then later when I felt one he didn’t feel it haha)! It was awesome and he/she kicked multiple times for Dad.

Unfortunately later in the night when Auntie Deborah put her cold hand on my stomach the baby stopped. Soon enough, Auntie Deb!!

Then right before bed, I SAW the baby move for the first time. The baby was kicking again, so I sat down to take a peek and I visibly saw a kick/jab from the outside. SO crazy. There really is a tiny human being inside there!!

Can’t wait for babyee!! And for our working lunch at Souplantation today… but that’s another story :)

Edit: Looks like work Souplantation lunch will be canceled. How could they do this to a pregnant lady!?!? How could they!?!?!? *shakes fist*


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