Long-distance Relationship

Long-distance Relationship

There’s a blog that I follow written by a self-proclaimed “silver-haired mom” with many “treasures” (12 kids adopted and not, half of them elementary school aged). This mom will often write that she is “tickled” when God whispers things in her ear.

I caught up on her adventures this morning, and little did I know that God would send a whisper my way as I got ready for the day.

As I told God I wanted more of His presence, this is what He said to me:

“We’re in a long-distance relationship.”

Now this is true in that He (God the Father and Christ the Son) are long distance for the time being, and not true in the sense that the Holy Spirit inhabits me right here and right now, but in the moment it truly seemed to capture the feeling and the future reality that one day I will see Him face-to-face and I will know a million and one percent that He is as real as the hairs on my head, this bed that I sit on, and the fact that right now sometimes it’s still hard to see and believe and remember and experience Him right now in this life.

So because in some ways we really are long distance, I started thinking how do couples make long distance work?

I have a good friend who is currently doing long distance (hello E!) and I think the two things I see that help are (other than God’s help and grace of course) are 1) the light at the end of the tunnel, the hope that one day soon they will no longer be long distance and 2) time.


How can I ever expect to be in a thriving long distance with God without spending set apart scheduled time to only be with Him?

My friend described to our other friend over dinner this week how he and his gf message throughout the day, but I think the bread and butter is probably the time they spend Skype-ing four times a week. (Though correct me if I’m wrong!)

In the same way, I need to make concentrated daily time for God throughout the week. Simple right? And something I’ve probably heard thousands of times dating back to Sunday School, but how can I expect to have more of God’s presence without dedicated time?

And then come the excuses. I don’t have enough time. I’m tired from work and all the other many things that go on during the week. And in the next season then I’ll spend more time.

But seriously, who am I kidding!? If right now as a newly married person with no kids with one job only and a smattering of other church related stuff, if right now I can’t spend time with the Lord, when will I ever be able to do it????

So there. I put it out there on my blog so now I can’t get away from the notion. And as much as I fight it now and have over the years, I think the time with God must be in the morning. I used to be able to spend time at night when I was single, but it’s more and more difficult to do so especially as I feel it so badly now at work if I don’t get enough sleep haha.

So yes… mornings. Ugh. Bane of my existence!! I will at least put it on here that I will now be spending time with God in the mornings.

I am reminded too of what PJason would always say too at Kairos. That no one who ever did anything for the Lord was ever a late riser. I used to hate that saying haha but now I’m starting to understand that it is probably at least to some degree true.

I’m inspired too by the women of faith that I work with. How Ms. A balked about retreat because it impedes on her time with Jesus in the morning as she likes to pray loud but feels bad about doing so at 3am in a communal living setting. And how the two DV site ladies, both just about the same age as me!! both went to sleep early at retreat because they wake up early to spend time with the Lord. I’m reminded too of when I lived with G (hello too!!) and how I’d wake up and go outside and see her journaling on our futon with the Lord.

There are many other stories (Jesus Himself during His time on earth, OTR pastors and wives praying early every morning… and probably every other godly Korean couple at that haha), but again all that to say in this season I want to develop the lifelong habit of time with the Lord.

Seems like such a long post for such a basic concept, but I guess the brevity just attests to the reality that it is so hard.

Give me grace to spend time with You, Lord!! I want more of Your presence in this life and cannot wait until the day when we are “long-distance” no more.

As an aside… is long-distance hyphenated?? Been wondering all post haha.


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