The O family graduated on Wednesday!

I have so many mixed emotions as I’ve gotten attached especially to their kids K & M and it’s sad not seeing them around the house as much. I already hearing M hollering down the hall asking if I can move the truck so he can shoot baskets, which was then of course always followed by asking me if I have TV or candy haha.

Again, so many mixed emotions, but overall so happy for them and so blessed to be a teeny tiny part of what God has done.

Out of all the graduations I’ve been to so far, this is probably the first one that did slightly hurt. But as Ms. A says, love hurts. You feel it in your gut so much so that there was a time when she actually could bear it no more and asked God to make her not love! Thankfully He never answered that prayer in her “favor,” and I now have the blessing of seeing even more clearly what true love looks like.

Anyway just random thoughts for this night. Even though they’ll never see it, congrats, O family! God is so good and so faithful! Thank you for sharing His love in my first months at DOH. I am so blessed to have been a witness to and a teeny tiny part of your beautiful, God-woven story.


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