78 Days!

78 Days!

So I’ve been reminded recently by several different people that I have not been blogging AT ALL. Totally already failed my blogging resolution, but I’m happy to report I’ve actually been very productive on the wedding front, despite still being quite busy at work and having a cold haha.

Anyway, what’s the occasion for this rare blog? Well I checked our registries today and we now officially have the following items:

  • 1 place setting
  • Kitchen trash can
  • 2 sets of flatware (!!)
  • 1 Pyrex storage set
  • 2 non-stick pans

Woohoo!! This is ACTUALLY happening!!! Ahhh!

Unfortunately I’ve not seen any of the said items though. Perhaps the rumors about the Walnut-based thief who steals registry items off front doorsteps are true…

In other news, we also now have a functional wedding website (complete with engagement pictures which I sort of edited, but was a bit lazy about… may need to revisit to brush out some of those eye bags haha) and all our non-hand delivery invites are in the mail!

Can I also note that my brother’s girlfriend and I hand addressed ALL of them!! (What what!?!!!) Toward the end it was excruciating, however I feel BOMB now that I’ve proven I can be craftsy, girly, and DIY-y (shout outs to DH, RM, JJ, and of course KY for their awesome work in assembling the invites!). Mwahahaha.

So now that basically all our “majors” are done, I’m starting to feel pretty good about the whole wedding planning process. I think at times it can be a real pain, but it’s nice to have something to work toward and now that we’re getting closer I still can’t believe it’s actually happening. All these months of planning, channeled into one short day. It’s amazing just how much goes into a wedding. As a guest I never realized just how much WORK the bride, groom, and everyone else has invested. I mean, one simple string tied on an invitation… multiply that time 200 and you have at least several hours of work for a handful of people!

All this to say I’m also realizing just how fleeting this whole wedding thing is. SOOO much work and planning, and then in an instant, the day is over. And I don’t want to be dismissive as I still want it to look great and for the preparations to be done well and with care! I think it’s just good to have perspective. So what if things aren’t perfect? So what if people complain about certain details, events, whatever? It really is just one day. A day above all else to point to God and hope that people are touched by His love.

And at the end of all things, what are we really preparing for? We are really preparing for another wedding banquet. An ETERNAL one. One where the Bridegroom finally reunites with His bride in a place where there is not a single tear in any eye. And the awesome thing is that for THIS banquet, all of our labor WILL matter. All the preparations done on earth, the hard work put in, the trials endured, the sacrifices made… those efforts will last FOREVER.

So the wedding on June 7, 2014? Yes, it’s important. Yes, it’s exciting. Yes, I will probably have a mini heart attack if anything goes terribly wrong haha. But ribbons, flowers, food, dresses, schedule, EVERYTHING aside, this one short wedding is pointing to a future wedding… and that future wedding is what this one short wedding should be ALL ABOUT.

Anyway, just preaching to myself! Thanks for reading. 78 days!!!!! AHHHH!!


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