132 Days

132 Days

The wedding anxiety is starting to set in. 4 months and 12 days until June 7th! This is probably my third or fourth sleepless night. Not out of necessity, but yes, I must admit, out of stress. (Okay to give myself some credit though it’s not just wedding stress, but work stress too.)

4 MORE MONTHS!!!! Time to stop with the procrastinating, Melissa!!!

But then again 4 months and 12 days is actually 132 days. When you phrase it that way, what’s to worry about? Haha. Jk. Somewhat jk…

In the end, if you’re reading this, please pray for me. Pray that I wouldn’t let the crazy get to me, that I’d work hard, but most of all that I’d keep the most important things in mind.

We started this whole process with these three objectives/main priorities: 1) glorify God, 2) honor guests, 3) serve each other.

I must admit there are definitely times when I forget, but by the grace of God I’m going to fight til the end for these 3 things to be accomplished (Lord willing of course).

132 days to go! God, use our wedding and be glorified in us!!!!! Lord, help me!!!!!!


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