Resolved: 2014

Resolved: 2014

2014 will be a year of challenge and change.

Just up in January are two transitions that were actually very unexpected.

For one, I will be manager-less again (why do they always leave me!?), so my work dynamic will change. I guess it could be resume booster? 5 different bosses in a 3.5 year span (not my fault!! or so I think)? No one can say I’m not flexible/able to handle change!

Second is the Seeds of Life Church launch! Again, unexpected. I thought I would switch churches at the official launch in March, but I’m feeling led to switch over at the soft launch on January 19th. Eek!! As said in my last mega post, I’m pretty conflicted: excited for what’s ahead, but very very sad about leaving my Lifesong family.

Of course the major transition ahead is marriage. Woohoo!! But at the same time I must confess, and I knew this would happen btw, wedding planning is sooooo NOT my cup of tea.  I could really care less about most of this stuff… but then at the same time I care SO MUCH!!!! I swore I would not spend a ton of money and especially NOT be a bridezilla… we’ll see how that goes (cue nervous laughter). So friends! brothers! sisters! please be praying for K and me. Above all else we need to focus on God’s glory!!, followed by honoring our guests, and serving each other on our wedding day (and beyond). And as you can see, I may or may not be going a wee bit crazy. But then again, in two days it’ll be back to Miss Easy Breezy we still have a ton of time. Hehe?

Anyway enough ridiculous rambling! Have I not rambled enough today!? (See next post.) And as a side note, this is what happens when I don’t blog enough: all my thoughts are stuffed into my tiny little brain until they all come welling up and rushing out at first sight of a written outlet!!

Resolutions for 2014:

  1. Gossip Less. (Or by God’s grace, not at all!) Friends, call me out!!!! God has been pointing out how poisonous and pointless gossip is. I can’t really measure this, but I want to be more conscious of my tongue and seek to be one who loves and defends, not one who tears down others.
  2. Exercise 2x/week.

  3. Blog 1x/month. I think best in written words and my blogging tends to take my mind off myself and focus it on God.
  4. Pray for someone other than myself every day. I started a prayer journal in 2013 where I tried to jot down a prayer for at least one person every day (sometimes literally only 4 words). I saw these minute prayers start shaping my attitude toward certain people, making me more aware of how to love them, and even calling me out on areas of sin toward them.
  5. Enjoy our wedding. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to enjoy the wedding planning process (see crazed rant above haha), but I really really want to have a fun time at our wedding! What an awesome chance (and possibly only chance!) to see all of our worlds collide, and then honor God with all of those beloved people!

So cheers for 2014! A year to go down in the books for sure!!

A little bit daunting, but excited for what’s ahead :)


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