The One

The One

Sorry for those of you who got excited, but no relationship post here haha.

I’m thankful for late nights. Though they tire me out for the next day, I really do focus and am convicted best in the wee hours when all is quiet and God’s voice steadily becomes more clear.

Reminded once again tonight that God goes after the one.

Does it make sense? Of course not.

We are all about masses, and big numbers, and efficiency… but His plan for the world is backwards and humble. His Kingdom is built on disciple-making: tightknit, often painful, life-on-life, very costly relationships that sometimes don’t make sense and are much easier to abandon than continue to carry.

God cares about the one. Not just any one. The lost one. The broken one. The difficult one. The one the rest of the sheep shun. The one no one can relate to nor understand. Yes, He cares unconditionally about the other sheep, but He has a special love in His heart for the wayward son. Such a special love in fact that He will leave all others to pursue the prodigal to bring him back home.

This is God’s mission, thus this is my mission.


Because I was the one. The awkward one. The not cool one, not esteemed by peers in school and church alike. The unrelatable one. The prideful one. The one whose walls grew thicker and thicker that they became near impossible for mere man to penetrate. The one who pushed others away. The one who forgot God and the flock while pursuing other loves that would not fulfill and would eventually fade.

I am the one and God pursued me.

Thus how can I not pursue others? How can I be so quick to abandon and settle only for relationships that are easy and comfortable, where I know I am accepted and face no condemnation, and minimal chances of personal injury, when Christ came to pursue me, knowing fully how I would turn my back on Him so easily?

I am reminded tonight of my call. I am called to costly relationships. I am called to selflessness. I am called to humility. I am called to what is difficult and even painful to do.

Why? Because God did the same for me. And now His desire is to move through me in the same way, in the same type of ministry, to pursue the lost, the lonely, the broken, the shunned, the ashamed, but most importantly the beloved sheep.

Will it cost me? Yes. Time, pain, pride, comfort, reputation even are a few things that come to mind.

Will it be worth it? Most definitely. For when I am in His will, with His heart, I will find the true meaning of life. And as I pursue the one, God continues to pursue and change and love me.

Interestingly enough it also seems to be the most difficult relationships, bought through years of learning to love and mutual grace and understanding, that often become the most satisfying in life all in His time.

So the conclusion is this: I pursue the one because God pursued me. This is the call on my life. Lord, help me.


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