Do you choose love?

Do you choose love?

As much as I can stew over compelling arguments, clever quips, or cutting insults… how much more should I strive to love?

On a related note, I am very excited to delve into the character of Jesus through studying Matthew this year.

Jesus is such an interesting person. He is perfectly loving, yet in His years on earth, He never shied away from confrontation and even treated those He confronted in ways that often seemed very unloving, at least from my imperfect perspective.

What does it mean to truly love another person? What does it mean to bear with one another? And we are called not to simply bear, but also to forgive as God forgave us.

The standards are high, but the stakes are higher. The world will know we are followers of Jesus by how we decide to love one another, bear with one another, forgive one another.

So will you choose love? Will I choose love?

Help me take every thought captive. Help me choose love. Not anger, not permissiveness/meekness/mere tolerance, but love, true God-ordained love.


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