I don’t PDA often, but this little boy is in Nor Cal right now, which does make me a wee bit sad.

And on a side note, ever since getting an iPhone (all pictures taken from there, thus the blurriness of some photos), it’s back to being Queen of the Camera for me. DH and I read these Meyers Briggs personality things last night, and my INFP profile encouraged me to engage my creative side, so I guess that’s a good thing!

Anyway, I think I mentioned this elsewhere, but it’s been 2+ years of being with KY! It’s crazy to think of where we started, how much we’ve grown, and how time has seemed to fly since then.

People are always asking me what’s next (and when when when!), but all I can say is we are waiting on the Lord’s perfect timing. And after a year plus of investing so much obsessive time and energy into my countless questions (is this right? and if so when? and if so how? and what if? and what if? and what if?????– all this has pretty much gotten me nowhere by the way), I think God has brought me to the place where I can finally surrender, embrace Him as Sovereign, and find peace in knowing who He is and what that means for my relationship with KY. All I have to do is stick close to the Lord, and in His time, He will reveal all things, working out all the details for His glory.

He is a good God and He wants the best for KY and He wants the best for me, and He wants to bless us and give us good things in this life (good as defined by His perfect wisdom though!).

So as of now, I am enjoying dating and enjoying this season for however long it may be.

And actually I haven’t documented my relationship with KY that much. Hopefully I will be writing more going forward! I’ve learned so much over the past two years, and there are still moments when I pause and think, wow, is this guy really dating me!? (For example, this Tuesday when he shared at BSF about revival and missions and how God works with the end in mind… I was really blown away once again by how KY always comes back to his faith as the center, focus, and driving force in his life.)

All right enough mushiness… it’s starting to get disgusting haha. But praise be to God for all He’s done in my life and in my relationship with KY! All glory be to Him, for it’s His blood that frees us and allows us to glimpse more of Him through our relationship with each other.


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