2012 Book Recap

2012 Book Recap

In Progress

  • How People Grow (9/2009)
  • Victory Over the Darkness (12/2011)
  • The Meaning of Marriage (6/2012)
  • Revolution in World Missions (1/2012)
  • Praying Life (2/2012)

Completed (2012)

  • Radical (9/2011-5/2012)
  • The Heavenly Man (6/2010-6/2012)
  • Comforts from the Cross (8/2012)
  • Longing for Eden (10/2012-11/2012)
  • Father Fiction (12/2012)

Book of the year? Radical by far. That in conjunction with the orphan/adoption centered themes at Lifesong from 2011-2012 greatly changed my life perspectives/goals.

One of my new goals for 2013? READ. Aiming at one book/month! Yay!!


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