If life were a novel…

If life were a novel…

The girl asked,

What if we don’t make it? What if it doesn’t work out? What if you grow bored and I grow restless? What if you find someone else? Someone prettier, awesomer, holier, funnier? It happens, you know. What if we’re good at the beginning, but it’s all downhill from there? What if you want to leave? What if I want to leave? What if love doesn’t last and what we have isn’t all that different?

He paused for a moment. And then another. His eyes closed and for a second she thought they were defeated.

He let out a sigh, glancing her way. The boy replied,

But what if we do make it? What if each and every day I love you and you love me more and more? What if what we have is beautiful? What if we inspire others with a love that lasts? What if our love preaches the Gospel to the ends of the earth? And what if you stop asking “what ifs” and let God prove His faithfulness to you through the thick and thin?

Yes, if life were a novel, it would’ve gone a little something like that. Then the girl would cry (which she did) and they would go on to live their beautiful, happy little lives, living for something, for Someone, much greater than themselves.

But life isn’t a novel. (Interesting grammar tidbit: this is why we use “were” and not “was,” as in “if life was a novel,” because life will never be a novel, thus the proposed scenario is impossible!) And though this conversation took place months ago, this chapter is still unfinished.

And maybe that’s why life isn’t so novel-like. Fears, insecurities, problems, they aren’t overcome in a few pages nor a conversation. Real life requires real work, real faith, real gut-wrenching stuff. Poignant prose can affect the soul for a moment, but real life takes so much more than a feeling.

Perfect love casts out fear.

-1 John 4:18

To be continued… 


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