Clean Socks

Clean Socks

(noun modified by an adjective)

1. An anamoly in my boyfriend’s closet
2. Just one of the many, many things we take for granted

No idea who this church is, but they have some great info:

Homeless people are on their feet all day, and the only pair of socks and undergarments they own are very likely to be wet, especially during the rainy and snowy seasons. Of all the materials donated to shelters, socks and underwear are among the items least given and needed the most. They are a renewable need – something that’s needed year round.

Why are these donations so important?

  • Warmth in the winter; protection from rain, dirt and sun damage in the summer.
  • Homeless people wear out socks faster because they never take them off out of a fear of theft.
  • A homeless person can spend four hours a day waiting in lines for help and walking 20+ miles per day.
  • Women flee domestic violence situations with just the clothes on their backs, children in tow.
  • Foot-care problems/lack of clean underwear for people who are homeless can be a major deterrent to getting and maintaining a job.
  • Wearing wet socks & undergarments in the winter can cause hypothermia.
  • Blisters and calluses can combine to be practically crippling for homeless people.

Until You come back, Lord Jesus, we will care for the least of these.


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