Despite Us, God Works

Loved Pastor Jason’s post today. Check it.

And on the same note, a guy I EV’ed to fall quarter of freshman year (that’s SIX years ago— count it! I had to haha) sent me a message this weekend. SIX YEARS AGO. Isn’t that crazy!? And seriously the only time I ever talked to him was that night when I nervously passed him a Seeds of Life Gospel tract and explained that he could be certain if he was really going to heaven.

As for my friend, it was soo good to hear from him! I’m still not sure what he thinks of Jesus and heaven and a Covenant of Grace, but it’s just amazing to me that God would take that small seed and continue to water it after all these years. I simply hope he knows how much God loves him and that this life isn’t all about works and DOING good things, but rather about having a relationship with Jesus Christ. A relationship that is freeing, secure, and healing. Christ wants so badly for us to trust in the power of His blood and to relieve us from our heavy yokes.


Despite Us, God Works


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