The Critical Heart

The Critical Heart

The heart of a critic stands back and find fault. The heart of Jesus jumps in and says, “I’m here to help.”

-Pastor Mark Driscoll (Paraphrased)

Are you a critic or are you like Jesus?

Am I a critic or am I like Jesus?

When we see faults in the church or in others, what is our response? Do we stand back and complain about the shortcomings we see? Do we get depressed/frustrated because with such shortcomings how can that church or that person ever serve MY agenda (MY needs, MY desires)? Or when we see shortcomings do we actively pray? Actively look for ways to serve? Actively see what it is we, by the help and grace of God, can do to help? Actively ask God to reveal and speak to the same faults in ourselves (a la the log in my own eye first business)?

Just a small part of an excellent sermon by Pastor Mark called “The Revelation of Jesus.” Highly recommended! Check it. (And as an aside the video intro’s probably the coolest sermon introduction I’ve ever seen!)


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