Why do you think God has allowed you to be born in North America rather than among the poor of Africa and Asia and to be blessed with such material and spiritual abundance?

In light of the superabundance you enjoy here, what do you think is your minimal responsibility to the untold millions of lost and suffering in the Two-Thirds world?

You have been born among the privileged elite of this world. You have so much while others have so little…

Throughout Scripture, we see only one correct response to abundance: sharing.

God gives some people more than they need so they can be channels of blessing to others. God desires equity between His people on a worldwide basis. That is why the early church had no poverty…

God has not given this superabundance of blessings to Western Christians so we can sit back and enjoy the luxuries of this society– or even in spiritual terms, so we can gouge ourselves on books, teaching cassettes and deeper-life conferences. He has left us on this earth to be stewards of these spiritual and material blessings, learning how to share with others and administer our wealth to accomplish the purposes of God.

K.P. Yohannan in Revolution for World Missions (83, 85-86)

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