As we whiz past the bright lights, my hand at rest on his arm, all that I am begins to break into thousands of pieces.

How many times do we drive past those lights, the flashing signs, the words, promising the pleasures of sin? How many times do we drive by, not giving a second glance, cracking a joke even, or at our compassionate most a slight mournful passing thought?

And in my silence, I begin to cry out, “Who will notice them, O Lord? Who will cry out? Who will be their advocate?”

And in my heart, something stirs, and I gain a bit more of an understanding that perhaps one day… that maybe…

The Holy Spirit cries out to and for His sons and daughters. He is their ultimate advocate. Night and day He cries out for God’s mercy to fall on them. Night and day He asks them to trade in their sinful lusts and deepest fears for the greatest of pleasures. Yet, they refuse.

WE refuse. I refuse.

For who am I to judge? Are my own sins any less than the sins of these?

I feel that often advocacy comes from a place of anger or a place of pity. Pride which says, I could NEVER do the things you do. Or pride, which says I feel bad because life sucks for you. (Though hey, maybe that’s just me judging too.)

The only thing that can truly end slavery is LOVE. Christ’s atoning love and the empowering sacrifice that was made for all mankind on the cross.

And so, just as much as we pray for those enslaved by man, let us pray for those enslaved by sin. By no means can we dismiss the horrors of their sins, but by no means can we consider ourselves superior to them either.

Slavery may not end until the day He returns, but let that not discourage us from fighting the fight, for the victory is surely ours in the end!!

As for me, I’m realizing that God has put me in a very unique position… I’m in a place where I can have a certain level of understanding (without having been directly involved) and a greater disposition toward compassion. I know that God is the Redeemer of all, and I trust that He will use these things somehow for His glory and the freedom of His people one day ten, twenty, thirty years down the line.

Lord, please do whatever You want with me.

to God alone be the glory


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