The Best Employee

The Best Employee

So I will admit that it’s really kind of strange, but the past few days, in all humility, I’ve just been a picture of dedication to the company! Example: Went in yesterday. Tutored. Came home. Worked while watching a movie screener with the parents (one of the best parts of my job!). Chatted with Steph. Then worked until 3am! And now I’m up getting ready to go in while concurrently remoting in.

WEIRD, RIGHT!? Or at least for anyone who knows me and my lazy self… especially in light of all the balking I’ve been doing about work (not that I’m not grateful because I really am!; I think like all other recent grads it’s the whole “Why am I here?”/“Wasn’t I supposed to have some job that was exactly what I wanted to do?”/etc.).

It’s all about perspective.

As Steph reminded last night, you have to “get a new boss!” Even if you’re boss is fantastic, it’s not going to be enough to get you through the day. But (I know it’s cliche) when God is your boss, everything changes.

And I think that’s something I’ve known the past few months, but something that’s only been realized in the last few days.

Tim Keller once preached about Israel’s Babylonian captivity and how the prophets were telling the people to live on the edge of the city. Through Jeremiah (I think?), God spoke, telling the people the exact opposite: to live in THE CENTER of the city, to marry the city’s people, and to be all about the city’s good.

Keller’s conclusion was that Christians are to be the BEST citizens of any city… and thus, I’m led to the conclusion that Christians should be the BEST employees at their companies. That we should be all about the company’s good. About being a joy for our bosses to lead. About working for everyone’s benefit.

Because, to be honest, working just for the sake of working, for the sake of the customer, for my own satisfaction, for a pat on the back, well, unfortunately, none of those have ever cut it for me… lazy/selfish/sinful girl that I am!

And working with the idea that this is paying off loans and financing a future MSW and that it’s all going to pay off with one big raise in October, that’s not cutting it either. Must admit, it did get me pretty motivated for a while… but it led back to just doing what I could to get by.

But working for the Lord, for His glory and His satisfaction, to make MUCH of Him in this world… now that is something worth working night and day for. And yes, it’s odd that He would want this done through my employment at a small, engineering company, but man if there’s one thing I’ve been realizing about Jesus, it’s that He was all about His Father’s will… even when to man, it made no freakin’ sense.

Jesus, help me make much of my Father today. Yes in life in general, but specifically at work as well.

Soli Deo Gloria
to God alone be the glory

Watching: Soul Surfer (The acting was okay, but the story was really inspirational! A bold stand for Christ [I mean seriously one of the opening scenes was to “Blessed Be Your Name!”] in an incredibly secular industry!!)

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