“Grace Flows Down” by Christy Nockels
Amazing grace how sweet the sound
Amazing love now flowing down
From hands and feet that were nailed to the tree
His grace flows down and covers me
It covers me
And covers me
Sometimes you just gotta let it burn.

Teach me to hurt well. To go readily, excitedly even, toward its embrace. May I not get stuck there, but may I not shy away. Teach me to be productive with pain.

You have to let it hurt. You also have to choose to not stay there, but again, you have to let it hurt. For without pain, how many of us would really go running to our Father? How many of us would really know Him as Redeemer? Healer? Lover? Friend?

Such depth of meaning is added to all of God’s names when we experience Him in the midst of our pain, whether its pain caused by others or pain caused by our own sin.

The questions that beg for answers: Why do You still want me? Why are You still there? How could you even want and dare I say delight in the worship of someone like me?

How amazing amazing AMAZING it is to be LOVED by the King! To be privileged to experience hardships (and okay honestly, as much as things kinda suck, I don’t really think you could even label my petty troubles “hardships,” all things considered), privileged to experience pain.

We are the Redeemed, friends! And you can’t be a part of the Redeemed if there is nothing you need redemption from.

I praise God, for as Joseph said, what was originally intended for evil, God used for good. Tremendous good.

My depravity knows no end. I’m so busy talk talk talking, spreading the Gospel of ME and MY INJUSTICES, rather than extolling God and His infinite goodness, demonstrated so fully through the redemption of all these things.

Thank God that it’s all about Him, and not about me.

To Him, I commit all things. To Him, I give what there is left of me.

Listening to: “We the Redeemed” by Hillsong


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