Ten ten ten…

Ten ten ten…

So Pet reminded me that I said I’d update on the 10th, but things have been pretty busy lately– I’ve not had a chance to sit down and blog!

And given that it’s 1:26am, now’s not the time either.

In short, however, things are good. No. Things are GREAT! Can’t say I’m head over heels for my life in LA, but I’ve surely found such contentment, peace, and JOY with everything here!

As I headed back from the YA potluck, cruising down the 57 at a nice flat 70 (two speeding tickets later, I’ve finally learned my lesson… or I just don’t think I can stand losing another few hundred dollars to a state that’s going to waste them), I laughed, exclaiming aloud, “God, I’m so happy!” What a pleasant and novel revelation!

Joy comes in the morning, folks! And those who sow in tears will reap with a great shout of joy!! Praise be to God! He is a refuge, a strong tower, a sure foundation, for those who trust in Him.

Will try to update more later. Praise the Lord!!!!

Watching: Wall Street 2 (ehh), An Education (also ehh), Never Let Me Go (great acting, but oh my goodness so eerie/depressing), Twilight: Eclipse (no offense, but what were they thinking?), The Social Network (enjoyed the score– really made the picture work for me; great commentary on a generation that’s more connected than ever), Julie & Julia (cute movie, made me want to cook more often!)… fun week at work! Haha. It’s okay though. Monday=crunch time!

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