The Life of Mother Teresa

A few excerpts:

But Mother Teresa always admonished the sisters that their work with the people was not their first work; it was the result of their primary responsibility: to belong to Jesus, to protect at all costs their relationship with him, and to pray unceasingly. Out of this relationship with Christ sprung Mother Teresa’s work with the poor.

Mother Teresa once told me that God did not call everyone to serve the poor or to be poor like them. In fact, he called some to be wealthy and powerful, which is why she could minister to the poorest woman on the streets and to Princess Diana. But she added, “God does calls everyone to a Calcutta, you have to find yours.”

In a world captive to wealth and glitter and power, her witness kept alive the rumor that there is a radically different measure of human greatness. And even those whom the world counts as great half suspected that she was right.

Live life inspired.

Listening to: “None But Jesus” by Hillsong

The Life of Mother Teresa


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