What is love? (Baby, don’t hurt me!)

Comment #2, as suggested to me by a friend (a friend I WILL e-mail later this week!!!! For sure this time!). Check it. And actually check out comment #1 too. Sharon’s hilarious (:


I miss Kairos.

I miss the people. The wild young adults. The ridiculous underclassmen. The class of 2010. Core team. Small group. Loitering in the sanctuary until after the pastor’s meeting. The pastors. Meetings. Birthdays. Missions. Movie nights. FOOTBALL!! Korean people (hahaha seriously there’s not many here). How the heart of the church is all about the spread of the Gospel and the healing work of Christ.

I miss having a place where I can just be a complete mess. Where I can cry my Asian eyes out… or where I can dance and sing like a total fool for Jesus.

But I think God’s been asking me this: what were those years at Kairos about? Were they about the church itself? The people? The ministry? The pastors? Were they all about ME!? Or were they about HIM? Was it the church environment that began to free my heart, or was it HIS presence, the healing work of the same Holy Spirit that still dwells in me today?

It’s so hard trying to plug in to a new church again. But then, I’m reminded of how I close to hated Kairos at the beginning, how I couldn’t figure out why God would lead me to such a cold, cold place (hehe). So I mean, the church that I’m going to now, it’s got more than a one up on Kairos– at least I like it! Haha.

But I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not about me. What I prefer. Where I hope to serve. What kinds of ministries I want to see.

It’s about God. The God of Kairos. The God of Lifesong. The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. The God of Israel. The God of Judah. Creator God, the One who authored and ordained the church to be HIS body.

In short, I miss Kairos. But Lord, give me the strength to always go wherever You call me. For to be in the center of Your will is far more wonderful than even the most comfortable place on this earth, even the place I call home.

And ultimately, I’m reminded that my home is not here. My home is in heaven. Where we will be in the fully revealed presence of our Lord, our Creator, our Father, our KING.

Listening to: Science and Faith by The Script


What is love? (Baby, don’t hurt me!)


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