Stopped by Foreign Exchange in the Brea Mall today. Gahahaha I hate that place… but I must say there are a few pieces from their winter collection that I wouldn’t mind using my gift card on! Hehe.

Makes me so much more thankful for my job.

Chill day today. Was a bit irked about going in, but everyone else being at home = open roads aka NO TRAFFIC for me! Yay! Anddd we pretty much watched TV/Movies the whole day… AGAIN. :D It’s okay though. Starting next Monday it’s back into hyper-mode.

In short, I’m very happy with work. IMS is an awesome company and there are so many crazy things going on. Still wondering where this is leading (I mean, how does ANY OF THIS relate to teaching/counseling/ministry/missions!?!?!?!???), but I’m trying to instead TRUST that God will use EVERY experience I have for His Kingdom!

AND. They’re opening a Chick-Fil-A right down the street on Imperial. Woot woot!

On a side note, I’m enjoying having my iPod hooked up to the car stereo! Stumbled upon the DTR Album the senior AACF guys made for us girls when we were freshmen. Then it struck me how very shady that was– senior guys teaching DTR 101 to FRESHMEN GIRLS!? Man. If our guys did that we’d have their heads! Hahaha. But that was probably one of the best servant auctions I’ve ever been involved in.

Freshmen year truly is the greatest! I sure had an amazing one. Glad to know my brother is living it up in SD too!! (:

The end.

Watching: Eat, Pray, Love (meh), Almost Famous (REALLY enjoyed this one!), and Juno (one of the band kids dressed like Paulie Bleeker for Halloween– it was pretty cute!)

Christ is SOVEREIGN.


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