Sick Day, pt. 2

Sick Day, pt. 2

My throat hurts, but not enough to not let out a scream of delight!


So upright. So scholarly (the medieval day equivalent of dorky <3!). Such morals. Such character! *Phew. Is it just my low-grade fever or is it getting hot!??

Pwahahahahaha. Chyeah I’m lame.

And to think just a few months ago I totally looked down on people who watched dramas (heh sorry guys!!). Ahh well it’s a good thing I didn’t know about dramas in college– my GPA ended up being low enough without them!

(Thanks a lot, Deborah Han…)

On to the next episode!

YAYYYYYYY! *Cough cough.


Watching: Sungkyunkwan Scandal (EP15! AHHH!)

Christ is THE GREAT PHYSICIAN. (It’s amaaazing to think of how many people Jesus miraculously healed in the Bible [and that’s just in physical ways], let alone how many more times He actually did it while on this earth! And then to think of His healing ministry and how it continues even today!! INCREDIBLE!)


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