Cool story, bro!

Cool story, bro!

Blessed with the awesomest brothers in Christ. For reals.

It’s seriously such a blessing to see my brothers striving after God. To see them growing into the future leaders of the church (and future households too tehehehe!), into the men of God He’s called them to be.

With God, there is HOPE. Hope for my brothers. Hope for their future marriages, future children, future families. Hope, no certainty!, that as they continue walking with the Lord, they WILL be freed from the things of this world. Freed from sin. Freed from fear. Freed from the mistakes they saw their own fathers make.

Those generational sins. *Phew! Freakin’ scary. BUT!!!! CHRIST HAS ALREADY DIED FOR THOSE TRANSGRESSIONS, PAID WITH HIS BLOOD TO DESTROY THE TRAPS THAT HAVE BEEN LAID. So take hope, men of God! You who call Him your Savior! There is NOTHING TO FEAR. Those sins have been paid for. Satan’s been defeated. Those generational sins taken to the grave. And then some.

Watching: Dodgeball (Finally saw it at work. Funny, but I can’t say I approve…)

CHRIST IS Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9. CHECK IT.


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