Identity and Gettin’ Slizzard

Identity and Gettin’ Slizzard

So it’s official.

“Like a G6” is the most viral song in the nation, topping out at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Asian Americans have finally broken into the mainstream music industry.

So what does this mean? Is it cause for celebration? That we’re finally overcoming the slanty-eyes, bad at English, good at math stereotypes, and moving on to greater things (i.e. popping bottles/getting slizzard)?

That maybe to the world we’re going to look less like this

(haha he’s so cute)

and more like this


Cause for celebration?


So we can drink drink drink it up AND get straight As. So what?

So much of the American culture is centered around this idea of identity. “Who am I?” is THE question for our generation.

And I’m not pointing fingers. Identity is a HUGE DEAL to me.

Who am I?

Am I a goody-two-shoes Christian girl who is always sugary sweet and nice and kind?

Or am I this caged bird, trapped by the confines of society, just waiting to fly?

Or maybe I’m just this wonderfully unique person and yeah I may say some things that aren’t very nice and I might prefer being ridiculous to being “romantic,” but gosh dangit, why can’t you just accept me for me!? It’s just how I am! I don’t have to change!!!!


Identity is so important, whether it’s our individual identity, or our identity as a group.

We make the argument that Jesus just wants others to “LOVE and embrace who I am!!!,” but we forget that even our “identity,” which we so ardently defend, is corrupted by our sin.

And to add to the offense, we use the cross to DEFEND that very sin. Why should I change who GOD MADE ME TO BE?

Reality is that we are a fallen people, far far veryyyy far from who God created us to be.

Being Christian is not about being comfortable with who you are, who I am. It’s not about forcing other people to “be loving” and accept my sin. It’s not even about developing a strong sense of identity.

It’s about LOSING identity and PUTTING ON HIS.

The cross enables us to LOSE OUR LIVES, so that we might gain HIS.

Anyway, just some thoughts. Been thinking a lot about identity lately. Especially in the context of relationships. A relationship isn’t so much about finding someone who just accepts you and makes you feel comfortable with who you are, but more so about being tested and refined (with the help of that person whose love doesn’t come into question) to look more like Christ.

And this isn’t necessarily a rip against Far East Movement (I must admit their song is super catchy… though I had to google “What IS a G6?” hahahah), I just hope they can use their growing fame to do more than laud what is ultimately an unfulfilling style of life.

“He who has lost his life for My sake will find it.”
-Matthew 10:39

Putting off me to put on CHRIST.

Listening to: Like a G6 by Far East Movement

Christ is SAVIOR.


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