Prompt: One of your toy came to life!

Prompt: One of your toy came to life!

So that was (almost) the prompt. This is what my adorable 7-year-old English Language Learner came up with…

Brainstorm: Kideny poop out.

One day, my kideny is going to poop out (I know you’re going to say eww) and when I got the yucky kideny, I’m going to bring it to school with a plain plastic bag and at sicence time when we have our first day learning kideny I’m going to shout, “I got some real kideny so Mrs. Gomez you don’t have to explain really hard’!

Then the kideny is going to say, “I’m am so clean that you can touch me.” Then all of the kids will not belive the kideny and they are going to ran out of the room and called the police, but the police said, “kideny can be real do you know anything about kideny?” asked Mr. ABCDEFGHIJKlMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.

Then some of them said (her name is Allysa) so I led her touch it. At test time, I can look at the kidney and I an a lucky duck.


Not bad for only being seven and for only living in the U.S. for a year, right!?? And by the end, she finally spelled kidney right!

(They’re doing the drug/alcohol/tobacco prevention unit so part of the curriculum was showing the kids a diseased kidney pwahahah.)

Oh to be a kid again…

I heart tutoring. (: Even though it makes my days even longer and the traffic is nuts sometimes.

Last day of my first week. *Phew. Can’t wait ‘til the weekend…

Listening to: The Element of Freedom by Alicia Keys
Christ is JEHOVAH JIREH. God the Provider.

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