Holy, holy, holy!

Holy, holy, holy!

Well… what would life be without trials? Or what would faith be for that matter.

Even so, it is well with my soul.

Was SERIOUSLY thinking of skipping Bible Study tonight because I was so freaking tired after work, traffic, and tutoring. BUT like I’d always tell people to do (but never really had to, as I didn’t work that hard in college… pwahahaha), I just forced myself to go and MAN, when you show up with a heart that says, “God I’m DANG tired, but I KNOW You have blessings in store for those who seek You,” He absolutely shows up. He’s worth every minute. Every second. Every penny (Me [earlier while debating]: ANDD I’ll have to drive all the way out to San Gabriel and will only have a half-tank of gas when I JUST filled it on Sunday!! Oh boo hoo. Hah!).

Anyway, little did I know, He was just preparing me and restoring me and refreshing me for the next challenge. For the next test. For the next time I’d hear Him asking, “Melissa, am I still good? Am I still holy? And what about your character? How will you react? Will you turn to Me? Will you trust? Will you pray?”


God is still good.

He is still GREAT.

He is still holy.

Holy, holy, holy!!

Even the seraphs, the holiest of all created beings (!!), dare not gaze upon His face. They worship Him so much, so loud, with such FERVOR that the foundations of the temple QUAKE. And not just from their worship, but from the sheer immensity of His glory.

I believe it.

I know it.

He is the Lord.

Emmanuel. GOD WILL SAVE US. Already HAS. And always WILL.


Listening to: “Above All Else” by Vicky Beeching
Christ is REDEEMER.

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