A Thousand Words

A Thousand Words

Photography. It’s about capturing a moment, a color, a feeling. I think I wrote that once. For his website or something.

It’s been one of those days.

Haven’t had one in ages.

Maybe it’s because I feel like I’m at the cusp of another transition tomorrow. Because it’s yet another step toward completely leaving behind that season of my life.

I once wrote that it’s easy to erase someone from your life. You delete them off the face of your earth. You “recycle” the memories, the feelings, the looks, into empty nothingness.

But it’s not. Even in that sense it’s not easy. If I venture back far enough, it’s not hard to remember. And there are photos that were missed. And captions that hint at what once filled the now vacant places. Why there are now only 32 photos, when albums used to hold 60 tops and in all my anal OCD-ness I would without fail fill them.


A look.

A smile.

Things we, no, for “we” does not exist anymore, rather, things he found funny and I did too.


And lasts.



It was a season. A season. Just one of many I’ll have in my life.

So tomorrow, I’ll be taking another step toward moving on. Toward a new season, new ups, new downs, new photos, new memories.

And what’s in the past, will stay in the past. Not that there aren’t things that were great, amazing even, times that were worth recalling, things that I am grateful for. I’m just excited for new things, praising and thanking God already for what will be.

(And now, if I were a better/more creative writer, I’d wrap up with something wonderfully insightful and profound using photography… but I’m not. So this is the end of my little story haha.)


Listening to: “September” by Daughtry

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