Small Steps

Small Steps

Living out your faith begins with a step. Sometimes even a small step, much to the chagrin of my ego, which tells me I’m destined to do grand, amazing things “for the Lord!”

It begins with a step. A. One. Doing one thing in obedience to the heart of God.

ONE e-mail.

ONE prayer.

ONE offer to help someone.

ONE day of volunteering.

ONE anything really!

We look at the world’s problems and say there is far too much work to do! What difference can I make? So we relegate ourselves to only doing big things (aka nothing). But really, isn’t that contributing to the problem? Isn’t that just our pride and selfishness, our inability to trust in God?


Faith is demonstrated by obedience. Or maybe faith comes out of it?

Regardless, I know too much to do nothing. Doing nothing after two weeks of being convicted to take this Gospel out to the nations (even if that means starting next door) would surely be disobedience.

So, Lord, give me faith, even as I look to take one small step.


Listening to: “Forever Reign” by Hillsong

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