“Goodbye” by Kristina DeBarge
Sooo honestly, I probably shouldn’t like this song nor be promoting it on my blog, but I must say it really is quite empowering…
Okay and honestly if she really was “so over it” she wouldn’t be making a song out of it. But whatevs haha.
In other news, I hate the GRE. I hate that I can’t remember the thousands of words I used to know for Chalew and the SAT. I hate how the verbal score is determined by useless things like picking antonyms and filling in blanks. However, I am finding (or more like I re-finding) that I actually kind of like math, I just suck at it, which is why in the end I’ve once again decided that I hate math too. Haha.
Finally, there’s a little news I heard yesterday about a certain prospect and while I was elated for a good few hours or so, I’ve decided to play it safe for now and see what happens. Definitely a mix of nerves and excitement!!! But we shall see… (:
Overall, a most fabulous start to the week (despite yesterday’s lapse in weather).
Bible study tonight!!!! YAYYYY! :D
Listening to: “Travel 3” by Future of Forestry (A little too experimental for me, but the last track is wonderful. And just to throw it in there, I absolutely LOVE Travel II. So give it a try and support local musicians!!)

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