Detail, fall out!

Yet another beautiful article on George.

Starred thought: Be the kind of person people will always remember.

And that he was. He was larger than life and will always be remembered as someone who really LOVED and really LIVED.

And now, in response, what is it that I will do with my life? My one, ephemeral, precious life?

Starred thought: Believe in others before they believe in themselves.

He believed in us. He believed in me. Of all people. He even used the word impressed at one point in time.

And here I am. Barely squeezing by. Putting out the least amount of effort possible in the few things that I am doing.

Starred thought: Do everything with integrity.

Starred thought: Make a commitment to be your best.

Starred thought: Set your standards high.

George really changed my life. He was easily the most inspirational person I have ever met. And in his passing, I hope to be inspired once again.

But Lord, I’m going to need help.

Listening to: The D.M.A. Playlist (“Friends” by Michael W. Smith, “100 Years” by Five for Fighting, “Pavane,” “Blue Rondo A La Turk”)

Detail, fall out!


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