Jesus in BJ

Jesus in BJ

God’s work will never stop. The story of C shows that. Our first day in BJ, PYoung testified to God’s goodness and how He really has flung open the doors in C, a country that was once so closed to the Gospel. It was simply amazing to hear how the Gospel is moving in BJ. It truly shows that NOTHING can ever stop the Good News from spreading.

One story that has stuck with me is about the biggest house church in BJ. At 1,000 members, the church was meeting in an office building. The government authorities contacted the owners of the office building and told them they could no longer rent it out to the church. The leaders of the church met and prayed that week, asking God for guidance regarding what to do. The next Sunday, they held the service in a public park (PYoung likened it to Central Park in New York). The church attracted much attention and after holding service there for three weeks, it even grew in number! Eventually, the government contacted the church, asking them to return to the office building.

Maybe I like this story because it’s kind of stick it to the man moment, but maybe also because it shows just how much God is moving and how He will never stop building His church until He returns.

Listening to: Tim Be Told

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