The Gospel changes everything.

The Gospel changes everything.

…but I was reminded of what Pastor Paul told me before, that we can’t solve the problems of this world, but we must believe that the Gospel really DOES and CAN change everything. That we must have faith that Jesus IS enough and that He alone can satisfy every need.

The biggest problem is not sanitation, a lack of education, bad relationships. We’re not trying to give people the American dream, fill them with worldly things, give them a nice house, good kids, a spouse, and everything. It’s not about them being fulfilled or even just not being killed. It’s about glory to God, that we’re His creation, that we’re meant to sing. Loving God. Loving people. Giving Him all the glory.

The Gospel. It’s the air we breathe. It gives us voice to sing. The Gospel is a necessity. The Gospel changes everything.

Watching: Enchanted

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