Writing Woes

Writing Woes


After reading through my last post, I’ve realized that I’ve become an abysmal writer!! Okay. Not abysmal. But I really do feel like my writing’s gone downhill in the past four years. My writing is so unclear and so wordy and just so overall lackluster!

When I was younger, I often toyed with the idea of being a writer. I love love love how artistic words can sound, how you can string them together, how they can take on almost physical properties! How you can read something, a poem, a blog, or the lyrics to a song, and suddenly realize that you are not alone, that someone else knows or knew exactly what you are feeling.

In an age where we are so in want of connection, writing, and actually all art in general, offers a venue for joining together and appreciating our common, human experiences.

But I divulge.

I guess I just wish I had done something with writing in college, something other than abusing my “powers” to punch out half-baked, meaningless, ten page papers two hours before their deadline.

Stephanie would always tell me that God must have given me this gift for something other than spending the least possible amount of time on my school papers.

Oh and the Lit Writing 8 series.

I can’t even count the number of times I put one of those classes into my schedule, but never found the courage to attend. I mean the class is daunting: pour your heart out on paper twice a week, then put that very heart on display for classmates and TAs and professors to devour.

But isn’t that how it is with life? Or at least my life?

I live in fear of others and what they will think, and thus miss out on living.

God desires me to be free, but I so often relegate myself to live as if in chains!

Anyway, I’ve been such a downer these past two days.

Seriously though. Transitioning really is as difficult as everyone says it is! Haha. But there is MUCH to thank God for:

-Deb visiting Wednesday!!!!!! Her and her mixed drinks!
-Band camp haha.
-Working at IMS!! And in the process getting to see a bunch of cool TV shows/movies. (Seriously. Formerly, I despised TV, but I must say, there’s some pretty funny shows out there!)
-And of course, meine Auto. (= Again. PRAISE GOD SOOO MUCH FOR THIS ONE!!

Now I just gotta think of a name. Was thinking of calling it “Shirley,” but aren’t girl’s cars supposed to have boy names? But then again I’m sharing with my brother too. Hehe.

Watching: (500) Days of Summer (Yes because I’m a recently converted morbid, realist and love is dead!! Haha. Jk. I really do love this movie though. Mm. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He’s pretty okay too. =D)

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