Love is DEAD. True love is DYING.

Love is DEAD. True love is DYING.

Warning: First off, this is ridiculously long. Just read the last few paragraphs for the main point. The rest of it is just a tirade against chick flicks. Secondly, you may begin reading this and start thinking, “Hmm this reeks of bitterness” (like a lot of my other recent posts heh sorry guys) and well that’s probably because it does to be perfectly honest haha. I just feel like there’s a lot I’m learning and learning is a process and definitely not a perfect one. So I guess I just want my ideas to get some air and I find that a blog is a good place to share when given ample warning of what you’re getting yourself into… and because I’m still in want of community here in Walnut (can’t believe it’s been three weeks since China!). Please pray for me!

So to start out with… love is freakin dead. Dead I tell you! Dead!! (Please hear me out though before getting upset.)

Just watched “Letters to Juliet.” To summarize this and all other chick flicks… there’s a girl. Andddd there’s a boy.

At first it seems like nothing can happen between them (girl is engaged, girl always fights with boy), but then, all of a sudden, after a few glasses of wine and a dreamy day in glorious Italy (actually that part’s not sarcasm… I love Italy!!), BAM! They start to realize they have some great chemistry and start to feel a little something something, which soon blooms into a full, blown-out, in your face, something something. (Okay, not always, but sometimes.)

BUT THEN. Tragedy strikes as girl and boy are forced apart by adversity!!!!! Oh sad sad sad sad day.

And in the end (after some heart-wrenching episodes of will they/won’t they)!? The EPIC, OH SO CLICHE, YET STILL MAKES MY HEART MELT CAR CHASE. No not the one with Uzis and AK-47s! The one where the boy RUNS after the girl because no matter how much of a selfish, passive-aggressive, or sometimes (though less often) openly-aggressive, BRAT she was/is, he just can’t imagine life without her because she is simply the BEST thing to have ever walked this earth, in fact SHE IS THE ONE and there is NO ONE who will EVER be as perfect for him AS HER.

Okay and this movie did not only have a car chase, but the on-foot I’m going to run after you, while dressed up and looking hot in my nice tux scene too.



And STILL it makes my heart flutter.

But honestly.

What guy is REALLY going to run after a girl in real life? So often, it’s us GIRLS who are doing the chasing. Who are hotly pursuing.

Why? WHY!????

Perhaps because we lack the patience to wait for the guy, to give him a chance. Because we are so anxious to get OUR happily ever after, our OWN love story, our own Edward Cullen (tehehehe… GAG).

Or maybe because we let our hearts and minds feast on this movie-made, Disney-defined, corporate-crap that tells us how it is that we should define love.

Love is about a guy, no, THE guy who is simply enthralled by you. Who opens doors. Who just wants to spend all his time with you because you’re just that amazing.

Love is about a guy who tells you you’re beautiful, buys you flowers, kisses you in the rain, gives you butterflies, thinks you’re hotter in sweats than a dress, why? because you DESERVE it and again, because you are just that amazing.

Love, when colored by this world is about a wonderful wonderful glorious ecstasy-filled connection and feeling between TWO people who… hrm. Wait. That’s not right. No. Love… love, when defined by this world, is all. about. ME.

Me, me, me, me, me!

I feel like I’ve written that a hundred times in the past few months, but only because I need it tattooed onto my arm, written across my forehead.

Such love IS DEAD. I repeat. SUCH LOVE IS DEAD.

True love is about DYING.

Dying to one’s self.

To one’s dreams.

Even to one’s preconceived notions about what love is.

It’s about giving, without calculating the getting.

Loving, even when one does not feel loved back.

It doesn’t mean getting abused and taking crap. That’s totally another misconstrued view. (One often used by selfish love to measure one’s partner however, yes, I’m definitely guilty.) But it does mean loving sacrificially.

Christ-like love desires to die. Christ DIED for us. LITERALLY He did!

Christ-like love desires to give.

Christ-like love is about affirming, and reassuring, and desiring growth for the other person.

It’s about wanting the other person’s greatest good– for them to be in a thriving relationship with Christ Himself!, even when bringing them to that place causes you discomfort, or at times even causes strife!

I’ve much to learn.

WE’VE much to learn.

We are constantly being robbed of what the true meaning of love is!

So may we look to the Creator of love. The One who is love HIMSELF.

Only then will our love have the faintest hope to be redeemed.

So, Jesus, please, keep saving me. Help me die to self. To all of me. I am Your creation, made in the image of YOU! So please. Redeem me. Restore me. For Satan has stolen greatly from the person I was created to be. But in Christ’s name, we have authority over all these things!!!!

Listening to: “Song of Hope” by Robbie Seay (this song seriously deserves its own post- it’s so money!)

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