Don’t judge a church by its website.

Don’t judge a church by its website.

Now that I’m a permanent fixture at home (haha), I’m looking for a church again.

Unfortunately there’s still that whiny eight-year-old part of me that keeps saying, “But I already have a church home in SD!!!!!!”

Complain complain complain.

But when I start thinking that way, it’s all about where I feel comfortable, where I do a bunch of cool holy stuff, where I am seen as important, where I want to be.

When it’s so much about me, it’s not at all about God and His glory and where HE desires me to be.

God chooses where I worship Him. I do not. He decides where He will be most glorified by me. And if I trust and if I’m patient, I know I will see that His plan is far far FAR better than my own anyway!

I know that. My experience with Kairos PROVES that.

I’m just… forgetful. And I like to trust in me.

So please pray for me as I look for a church community post-SD.

My one requirement is simply to find a place that won’t let me forget about the most important and really only calling for my life: to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth, as an out-pour of an intimate (and theologically sound) relationship with Jesus Christ.

Everything else is negotiable. Though I mean friendly people and cute boys do help. Hahaha. But really.

That being said, visited SLand again today. Pastor Young spoke! Really enjoyed listening to him, especially after hearing so much about him across the years from people in GCC. Side note: AMI pastors are all so funny!!

Didn’t stay after service.


Such a hypocrite. When people rush off after Kairos, I always wonder why they would do such a thing. “How can you meet people and know more about the church if you don’t stay to eat with us at PC East!?”

I’m so socially adverse.

I love being the one that welcomes, not the one being welcomed. And not because I’m loving or holy, but because it’s more comfortable and probably too because it appeals to my pride.

Next week.

Another chance to trust God and say to Him, “Here I am. I will worship (in service and after!) wherever it is You call me.”

As I said, please pray for me. Left to my own devices, I will be anti-social and lazy.

Lord, help me.

Reading: Life of Pi by Yann Martel

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