As much as I complain about FE, it IS work and for that I am grateful. I did practically NOTHING to get this job and continue to do very little (thanks to friends in high places haha), but remain employed.

Some things I’ve learned or re-learned from working at FE:

1) Know when to be time efficient and when to be anal. And learn to be both at whatever it is you’re expected to do.

2) Just because you don’t make a good first impression doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. Even if your 4th, 5th, and 6th still suck, there’s hope!

3) There’s a place in every company for someone who is hardworking.

4) Do be someone who deserves respect, but also be a fun person to work for!

5) Showing you care about your subordinates really does go a long way.

6) If you dress nice and try to look your best, people really will treat you better and take you more seriously hahaha. (This stems from my favorite story about working at FE!)

7) Lastly, even though it still kind of does suck, retail > food service haha! Don’t know why, but when it comes to their food, people can really get psychotic!!

And so. I thank God for my time at FE and for a possible transfer when I get back if I need the extra cash and choose to follow through.

But… I must say I am happy to be on leave.


Watching: Toy Story 3 (A must-see [and quite a tear-jerker I might add] if you’ve seen the first two!)

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