Double Feature!

Double Feature!

Had so much fun today lazing around at the beach and then enjoying a DOUBLE FEATURE of Moulin Rouge and P&P with AACF friends.

*Sigh. Where’s my Mr. Darcy!??????

So much fun though. Can’t imagine what life’s going to be life after SD. Looking for a job (one that I want haha). Making new friends. Figuring out what to do with my life. Church hopping…

The unknown is so scary. But change… change is good. And you can’t be a college student forever, right? As PJason said yesterday, we always look on the past with more nostalgia than it deserves and if this is the best our lives will ever get, that’s actually pretty sad.

They say undergrad is the best time of your life and that it’s all down-hill from there. Here’s to hoping that we’ve yet to see the best.


But scared.

Watching: Pride and Prejudice & Moulin Rouge (Seriously so much screaming with Steph, Kristie, and Ying! Good thing my voice is coming back!!)

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